Michele Campbell
Executive Director, LeBron James Family Foundation &, Chief Operating Officer, LRMR Ventures

Presentation Title - Rooted in Akron: How the LeBron James Family Foundation is Creating Real, Long-Term Change

December 14, 2017
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Apple Cider Glazed Chicken Breast with sage butter sauce and garlic mashed potato and roasted vegetable.
Balsamic grilled Portobello mushroom (V/GF) over a parsnip potato puree and confetti corn.

about the speaker

Michele Campbell has spent many years pursuing her passion in the education sector. The Akron native attained her education from Ohio institutions including a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Ashland University, a Master’s degree from Kent State University’s Higher Education Administration, and a Doctorate from the University of Akron as a Doctor of Education. Following her own educational achievements, Campbell went to work at the University of Akron to help others pursue theirs. Beginning in 1993, Campbell served on several posts at the University including Coordinator of Greek Affairs, Associate Director of the Student Union, Interim Director of the Student Union, and finishing her service as the Assistant Dean for Student Life.

In 2006, Campbell set her sights on a new vision and took a new opportunity as the Chief Operating Officer of LRMR Ventures. As part of her position at LRMR, in 2010, Michele took over as the Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation. Through the Foundation, which aims to positive affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives, Campbell brings LeBron’s vision to create positive and lasting change in his hometown of Akron to life through real, executable initiatives. Under Campbell’s direction, in 2011 the LeBron James Family Foundation began working on the high school dropout crisis facing the Akron community and launched its “Wheels for Education” program. This groundbreaking initiative targets third graders and provides them with the programs, support and mentors they need for success in school, following them all the way through graduation. As the program’s students move from elementary school to middle school, high school, college and beyond, the initiatives evolve and change with them as well.

Campbell’s guidance has helped grow this thoughtful, research-based, and powerful program to more than 1,100 students, and will continue to expand as it takes on a new class of third graders each year. Capitalizing on the positive influence of LeBron and executing with the help of Akron community and educational leaders, the Foundation has successfully engaged and encouraged students to create positive change in their lives. In 2015, LeBron and the Foundation forged a partnership with The University of Akron to guarantee a four-year, tuition and general service fee scholarship to UA for all of its eligible students. The commitment of higher education is the life-changing impact LeBron, Michele, and the entire LJFF team is creating in Akron.

Campbell’s work with the LeBron James Family Foundation has allowed her to take her passion for education and extend it to children and families who need it most. Under LeBron’s direction, Campbell has successfully transformed the Foundation from a charity to a lifelong commitment whose impacts will be felt for generations to come.