Melissa Merryweather
Director, Green Consult-Asia

Presentation Title - Keeping Sustainability Real: A Vietnam Story

November 16, 2017
Luncheon sponsored by:
The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation

Luncheon Menu

Sweet Soy marinated flank steak with green onions, ginger and garlic served over white rice (GF)

Vegetable Tofu stir fry  (V/GF) with crisp vegetables served with steamed white rice

about the speaker

Melissa Merryweather is a US and UK-trained architect. She attended Firestone High School, Yale, and then the Architectural Association in London for her master’s degree. She quickly formed her own architectural practice in the UK, specializing in children’s playgrounds and renovation of historic properties with modern re-invention.

She was the head of the Women’s Group at the Royal Institute of Architects for 3 years, and organized along with a colleague, an influential architectural prize, the first British award that recognized diverse practices in architecture, focusing on collaboration between architects, artists, clients, and other consultants.

Melissa moved to Vietnam in 1998, designing projects including a golf clubhouse, eco-resorts, new office buildings and private homes until 2007. She also worked for development agencies; one key project for Save the Children created playgrounds in ethnic-minority villages in the north of Vietnam.

Melissa quickly realized that Vietnam was going through an extraordinary burst of construction activity, making up for years of under-development, but at great environmental cost.

The Vietnam Green Building Council had been established in 2007 by a US-based Non-governmental organization and it had 2 staff members. She joined then as Southern Regional Coordinator on a volunteer basis and continued to work with the VGBC up to her current position as a very active Chair of the Board of Directors. During this time she advocated for green building, and helped write, edit, and test the LOTUS Green Building Certification system for Vietnam, described by the leading green-building expert in SE Asia as “the best regional certification system in SE Asia”.

She was a founder of “Green Drinks” in Saigon and its organizer for 4 years, showcasing speakers every month on environmental subjects including solar energy, bio-farming and eco-fashion.

She was the Vietnam correspondent for FuturArc, the leading eco-architecture magazine for SE Asia, for 4 years and has written before and after for many other publications.

Melissa is Director of Green Consult-Asia, providing sustainable design consultancy services to the construction industry. She was the first LEED®-qualified architect practicing in Vietnam and is the leading sustainability consultant.

Green Consult-Asia provides a best-practice engineering, cost-consulting and specialist services locally and is committed to raising standards in Vietnam and capacity-building.

Melisa speaks frequently on such subjects as certification systems, climate change and urbanization effects on Vietnam, building industry impacts, as well as the business case for green development.