About the Akron Roundtable

Our Mission: Akron Roundtable brings speakers to Akron who inform, educate and stimulate listeners on topics of importance to the region, the country and the world.

The Akron Roundtable was established in 1976 as a community forum to encourage and bring bold, creative and new ideas to the region. To date, more than 400 major corporate executives, writers, government officials, artists, and civic leaders from around the country have shared their thoughts on subjects of global, national and regional importance with Akron Roundtable audiences.

Our History

Since 1976 close to 480 speakers have addressed Roundtable. The speakers are carefully selected to reflect a variety of backgrounds and interests. A sampling of the speakers includes such notables as: Phillip Caldwell, Ford Motor Company CEO; Clifford Grum, publisher, Fortune Magazine; Richard Thornburgh, Governor of Pennsylvania; United Auto Workers chief, Douglas Fraser; William Webster, FBI Director; Rita Dove, the nation's poet laureate; Randall Tobia, vice-chairman of AT&T; and Gen. Alfred Gray, commandant, U.S. Marine Corps.

Men, women and selected students from area high schools have shared in these outstanding programs, always presented with an opportunity for questions at the conclusion of the prepared presentations. More than 150,000 Akron area-citizens have comprised the luncheon audiences during these twenty years. Additionally, programs have been broadcast live over WKSU-FM to a northeastern Ohio radio audience potentially numbering 187,000 listeners. Programs are later re-broadcast over WAKR-AM. Since May 1995, programs have been available to audiences worldwide over the Internet.

The Contemplative Sun

Commissioned exclusively for Akron Roundtable, “The Contemplative Sun” by Akron artist Don Drumm is presented by the board to each Roundtable speaker in appreciation for, and as a commemoration of, his or her visit. Cast in aluminum and pewter, “The Contemplative Sun” graces the offices and homes of more than 300 corporate executives, writers, government officials, artists, and civic leaders from around the world and here in the United States.

An Ohio native with studios in Akron, Don Drumm is a master craftsman whose work often has been chosen by political leaders for official gifts. His work is represented by more than 200 galleries throughout the United States and in numerous private collections.